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Diamond Rings

There are lots of phenomena that influence the value of the diamond you might have a choice; when you want to purchase a ring. Even though it's for an engagement ring, wedding band, or you want to buy it just for the fun of it. These phenomena are about thirteen different ones. There is a lot of talk for selecting a right diamond, so you must have heard about the four C's. Below is the most standard way to go when choosing the best type of ring for your desired piece of jewelry.

1) Cut of a Diamond

The cut of a diamond makes allusion to the shape, likewise its construction putting into consideration its polished texture and proportions. There are many shapes and sizes to choose from which gives room for personal preference or expressions called statement pieces. Some of these shapes are rare. The most standard or big cuts are oval, round, heart-shaped, princess, rectangular, marquise, pear, and polygon etc. To explain the construction or make of a diamond, jewelers often include the depth percentage, the table percentage, and the symmetry.

2) Carat (Weight of a Diamond)

"How many karats is this ring?" is a very common question heard from the buyers of diamond rings. When a customer asks this question, he/she wants to know the weight of the gem. For a large ring to be purchased, it has to be an incredibly rare piece. Let's take this illustration: the price of a ring with a two karat diamond stud is much more than that of a circle with one karat of a diamond stud.

3) Colour of a Diamond

The colourless diamond is the diamond with the highest quality. The more colour it has, the less rare it is. A pure diamond without colour or stains has the highest value. In the contemporary world, however, a colourful rock is becoming acceptable. Shades of blue, pink and yellow are viral which goes against the traditional pure specimen.

4) Clarity of a Diamond

There is no resemblance between two pieces of rocks even if they may come from the same source. This is because diamonds are natural entities. This only makes the attraction to a piece vehement because you know you are about to purchase what no one else will have or has. Regardless, they all have different degrees of purity that is measured by how bright and definite they appear. Diamonds with more defects from its mineral formation will usually cost less. Although to plain sight, they appear bright and clear, when screened under a microscope or the jeweler's jurisdiction, these impurities are evident and will reflect on its price.

Therefore, before you start this diamond selection journey, one of the most important points is to have a budget limitation ready. This is because you might find a choice that will steal your heart and you will feel broken hearted if you can't afford that exact piece. To acquire a valuable piece that has the four C's, which are: the cut, the karat weight, the colour and the clarity, you should be ready to spend a lot of money.

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