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Buying gold

Gold tops the list when talking about metals that are easily reshaped and moulded into various desirable forms. In jewelry making, there are many preferences of metals. Ever since its discovery, Gold’s value and use had been objective and it depends on the culture of its users. Gold lovers always had the option of choosing a yellow gold or the white gold, depending on the individual’s taste.

When qualifying or measuring the level of purity of the gold melted into a jewelry, the unit of measurement is KARAT. Now we know, that the karat count is the comparison factor in comparing the quality of gold jewelleries.

Gold is one of the known precious metals and it falls into this category because of its relative scarcity i.e. its supply is less than the demand indeed it raises its high economic value. For centuries now, this precious metal has been favourite for making wedding and engagement rings in the western world. Gold has its high level of hype because of its special property of being exceptionally ductile and malleable, among other metals, which makes it easier to transform.

Gold can be made into different creations such as rings, wrist chains, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and a lot more. One of the most famous gold jewellery is the Indian gold jewellery and it is known for its beautiful designs all over the world. Although, to find the most attractive gold jewelry, a little research will be needed to guide you to the unbeatable gold jewellery stores across the globe. Pinto Gold is proud to be one of them.

For a gold sample to be categorized as among the purest, it must have at least a 96%-99% pure metal ratio. The karat rating is directly proportional to the amount of pure gold present in a material. 24K is the standard for pure gold. When solid gold is mentioned, it refers to the gold that has been mined and processed to remove its impurities. Recently, the standard value for pure gold was reduced by 10K from the initial value, leaving us with the acceptable standard for pure gold as 14K in most countries.

It is essential to have a sound knowledge of how gold jewelleries are priced, especially if you have the intention of purchasing a gold jewellery anytime soon.

The fatness of the layers of a solid gold jewellery is usually around 50 to 100 times the thickness of a gold-plated jewellery. There are several methods used in gold plating jewelleries and the difference between a gold plated material and a gold filled one is that the latter has a larger amount of gold used.

The term “Gold plated” is used for ornaments that consist of gold and another metal, having gold on top and the other metal lying below.

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