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Diamond has the simplest constitution among all the precious stones; it is made up of only crystallized carbon. Carbon can be found in every animal, plant and mineral on earth. Diamonds is usually mined from South Africa which has an extensive deposit. No diamonds have been discovered in other countries such as India, Australia, Brazil, and the U.S 


The emerald is without doubt the rarest of all the precious stones and some persons consider it to be more valuable than diamond. The emerald is remarkable in its occurrence in nature especially when compared with other precious stones, owing to the fact that it is only found in the rock where it was formed. Unlike other precious stones such as rubies, diamonds, and sapphires, the emerald doesn’t occur in gem gravels. Upper Egypt, which is very close to the Red Sea’s cost was the earliest known vicinity where emeralds were discovered. The finest emerald stones are mined in Columbia, South America. Some good specimens have also been discovered in North Carolina, U.S.A.


Rubies were the very first precious stones to be discovered, and they are very old dating as far back as the early history of Babylonia and Caldera. The largest quantities and the very best samples of ruby specimen are to be found in Upper Burma. And at the present moment, half of the world’s supply of rubies comes from Upper Burma. Other specimens of rubies found in Siam, Australia, and Ceylon do not have the deep rich colour of the Burmese ruby whose shade of red is slightly tinted with purple and is often referred to as Pigeon Blood Ruby. The transparency and colour determines the value of the ruby.


A sapphire is usually referred to as the defender of the innocent and the cosmic guardian of truth. it is a celestial symbol is also believed to indicate health and youthfulness. The sapphire is made of the mineral corundum, which is the same mineral which makes up ruby, and is also the birthstone of the month of September


Natural pearls, also called real pearls are made by oysters and other similar mollusks. The cultured pearl is likewise grown by mollusks, but with the external involvement of humans: an irritant is put into the shells of the oysters causing the pearl to grow. Imitation pearls are artificial and made from glass, plastic or an organic material. 

Though it might sound unbelievable that men wear precious stones, nevertheless it is true.  These days, men and women do wear precious stones and it is certain that they both feel delighted with them.