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Breitling Watch

Breitling is a popular Swiss manufacturer that offers exquisite watches all over the world. Breitling's football chronograph watch is popular with its numerous functions and its timer that happens to be effective for football games. This timepiece is loved by many because of its functions, large face and its manual winding mechanism. A typical watch made by Breitling comes with a steel case, Arabic numerals, and plastic glass. The watch comes in a pure and soft feel leather strap although the leather is resistant to regular wearing. The Breitling chronograph watch is famous for its subsidiary seconds and bi-directional rotating bezel. The chronograph watch is preferred by most watch collectors. What's more? Each snap case of the watch shows its original factory label, reference number, and model.

Truth be told, Breitling offers you the best watch. When you have a Breitling watch, you know you have a Swiss made timepiece made with Swiss-born ingredients. Awesome! Another notable mention is Breitling Cosmonaute. Breitling Cosmonaute displays the elegance and finesse of the Breitling brand. The watch is made from gold. Yes, the watch is made from 18K yellow gold. Also, it has the same manual winding mechanism as football chronograph, a beautiful black dial and sapphire glass. This particular watch is highly appreciated by most people. Simply put, the watch is irresistible. The gold-plated buckle, luminous hands and the blue 24-hour dial makes the watch an irresistible offer.

Omega is another famous watch brand. You will find affordable prices of the Omega Speedmaster Professional watch at Pinto Gold. The watch can be described as genuine beauty. It comes in a steel case, has a moon phase and manual winding. Trust me you will definitely enjoy the markers and luminous hands of the watch, plus it has a black dial. Another notable mention is the Omega Flightmaster timepiece which is made from 18K yellow gold. The watch has different features which include mineral glass, gold buckle, gold dial and Arabic numerals. Omega watch presents subsidiary seconds, chronograph and rotating bezel as complications and I argue that complications are the things that make a luxury watch. The bracelet and crown of this particular watch are authentic and hundred percent original.

IWC is also a widely known watch company. A Swiss watchmaker with many years of experience. Some stores offer watches like the limited edition Miami Vice Portuguese and IWC Flieger Chronograph at incredible and affordable prices. These watches are known for their steel case, sapphire glass and the automatic movement mechanism. The IWC Flieger Chronograph watch had a black dial, a steel bracket, and Arabic numerals. Besides the chronograph, the complications of the watch include the weekday and day hand, and minute register. Look no further, IWC offers you great timepieces just like other watch makers. This goes a long way to show that Swiss made watches are made to create a lasting no impression on watch enthusiasts.