Posted on by Jessica Pinto

Diamond Ring

The open and fierce competition in the diamond rings industry has made the choice of a store a confusing one. In fact, it is almost as tough as selecting the ring itself.

The abundance of counterfeit diamonds and those of poor quality has made it virtually impossible for an inexperienced person to spot the difference between top notch rings and the inferior ones. However, when you buy diamonds from a revered seller, you are almost guaranteed of getting a high-quality diamond. All you need think about is your particular type and style.

Remember that when purchasing diamonds, always check for The GIA certification of authenticity. GIA stand for The Gemological Institute Of America; it is responsible for providing accreditation and certification for diamonds and accepted globally.

Like the GIA, the International Gemological Institute (IGI) also certifies diamonds worldwide. With a certification provided by any of these two, you can be sure you are buying an authentic gem.

The rate at which people patronize online retail jewelers is becoming higher daily. Customers prefer shopping online because it is stress-free, quickly reachable, time-saving and accessible from anywhere on earth. These online dealers boast of an impressive array of jewelry paraded on their different websites which allow you to place your bids. Because they also offer you certifications with their diamonds, online dealers are as reliable as offline traders.

If you are in Canada, at Pinto Gold you can find people you can trust. It is our wish to guide you in making a sound choice of your engagement ring.