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Wedding Rings

Wedding rings also referred to as wedding bands is an eternal symbol of love between two partners. In most weddings, the wedding bands need to be exchanged between the groom and the bride before they can be pronounced man and wife. The circular shape of the ring makes it an ideal symbol for eternal love. It is widely believed that the fourth finger which is referred to as the ring finger has a vein that leads directly to the heart. This indicates or describes the deep emotional attachment between two engaged partners. There are quite some stories about wedding rings. 

In the early years, there was nothing like wedding rings in the church. However, things changed when Pope Innocent III introduced wedding rings into the church. The couples were instructed to get two rings, one to be worn during engagements and the other to be worn at the church. Before the pope introduced wedding ring into the church, rings were only worn at engagement in a bid to seal the engagement. The pope also instructed the engaged partners to practice a period of waiting before they finally marry. These pronouncements by the pope slowly crept into the Christian dorm and became a tradition all over the world.

While wedding rings are placed on the left ring fingers in France, United States, Sweden and the United Kingdom, the Germans, Indians, Spain, however, prefers to wear the ring on the right finger.

 Interestingly, in the Jewish tradition, the practice is to wear the wedding bands on the left hand but they prefer to change the ring to the right ring finger after marriage.

Also, there are norms to be observed when one of the engaged partners loses his or her life. Generally, the death of a partner marks the end of the wedding.

Wedding rings are made from a hardened alloy of Bismuth, gold, copper and tin. Sometimes, the makers introduce Titanium, Platinum, and Nickel in a bid to yield the different result. In the case of platinum wedding bands, platinum is mixed with white gold. In a similar way, Tungsten carbide and Titanium are used to produce attractive shades, affordable rings, durable rings and different textures of rings.

On the flip side, less expensive metals like Brass, Silver, and Copper are uncommon compared to the expensive ones, this is as a result of the corrosiveness of less expensive metals. Wedding rings maker do not often use aluminum and other toxic metals for the manufacture of wedding rings. Surprisingly, stainless steel, the cheapest and widest known alloy in the world is now considered as an option these days. The reason for this is not far-fetched, stainless steel is more durable when compared to Titanium and platinum.

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