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diamond shapes

It may interest you to know that diamonds have had many shapes which are readily available. Sellers of jewelry have a minimum of nine different shapes of diamond, and they are:

- Emerald

- Heart

- Radiant

- Pear

- Round and

- Princess

- Oval

- Asscher and

- Marquis diamonds

      Depending on the dimension, setting and weight of a diamond, two or more diamonds with the same shape will seem a little different. Two separate rings worn on different hands may appear different due to the hands' sizes.

      Diamond Shapes Vs Diamond Cut

      A lot of people interchange the words 'diamond cuts' and 'diamond shapes' but they are quite different from each other. Diamond cut involves the way a technician or artisan optimizes the stone's properties via angle creation and production of details. In this process, light is allowed to penetrate the diamond and comes back in a very fantastic way. How well the diamond cut is carried out has a significant influence on the general worth of the gem while a diamond's shape does not affect the value of the diamond. Shapes of diamond are simply the geometric dimension of the diamond, be it heart shaped or emerald, oval or round, etc.

      Selecting the Shapes of Diamonds

      How would you pick one diamond out of the numerous options available? When purchasing a diamond, carefully check out the different types and look for the one which catches your fancy and fits you best when worn on your necklace or finger.

      It is harder to select a diamond shape on behalf on somebody. However, note that a lot of women like the conventional round diamond but the others would likely prefer a more sophisticated one. If you are getting it for a lady who is very emotional, you can get her a diamond with a heart shape.

      The other things to factor in when choosing diamond shape should depend on the hand size. A lady who has slim and long fingers would comfortably wear a diamond that is marquis, oval or pear. If you try these shapes on a woman with fingers that are broad and short, the diamond would likely look awkward or a little bulky. Diamonds with round or princess shapes are perfect for smaller hands.

      Most Famous or Common Diamond Shape for Engagement Rings

      Of all the numerous shapes of diamonds around, the round diamond is the diamond of choice for most people buying engagement rings. Round diamonds are seen as 'classic' with the gems being set in platinum or yellow gold. All other shapes are referred to as fancy types because of the popularity of the round diamond.

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