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As far back as 1967, the Maasai people discovered the tanzanite gemstone. Shortly after then, Tiffany and Co brought the tanzanite to the western world and ended up naming the stone and introducing it to the populace.

Tanzanite is widely known for its astounding colour. Tanzanite is that first rare stone that can display different colours at once ranging from purple to shades of blue, tinges of green and flashes of red. Also, experts have discovered that dark tanzanite gemstone is more valuable. This is to say that the value of the Tanzanite gemstone depends on how darker it is. While the light Tanzanite stones are beautiful, they are not valuable. The Tanzanite gemstone can be made into jewelry. The jewelry is widely known and can serve a whole lot of options, that is it can suit all tastes and needs. Likewise, rings, pendants, earrings and brackets can all be made from Tanzanite. What's more? Tanzanite is not restricted to one kind of shape only; it can be cut to different shapes with the popular one being round, oval, emerald cut and cushion.  

Individuals born in December considers Tanzanite gemstone as the birthstone for the month as such; the gemstone jewelry makes a great gift for December born.

Great caution should be taken when using the Tanzanite jewelry as it is not highly durable. The gem gets damaged easily; it is not difficult as compared to other stones like diamond, aquamarine, and sapphire. In fact, Mohs scale of gemstone hardness ranks Tanzanite as 6.5.

Keep in mind that your Tanzanite gemstone should not be cleaned with harsh jewelry cleaners. Take special care and be gently when cleaning your Tanzanite gemstone. Don't ever try to use ultrasonic jewelry cleaner for your Tanzanite as it can get it ruined. Do not expose your Tanzanite to water and also, don't keep it in the sun for a longer period as it can cause the colour to wear off.

To clean your Tanzanite gemstone, simply wipe it clean with a dry cloth. To be on the safer side, simply take your Tanzanite gemstone to an expert who has excellent knowledge about cleaning gemstones.

Tanzanite gemstone was included to the list of gems for December in 2002. So a beautiful Tanzanite necklace can make a great gift for December born.

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